Weather Predicting Storm Glass

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Storm glasses have been used for centuries as a method for predicting weather. They consist of a special liquid inside a sealed transparent glass that changes based on upcoming weather.

If the liquid in the glass:

  • is clear - the weather will be bright and clear.
  • is cloudy - the weather will be cloudy as well, perhaps with precipitation.
  • has small dots - the weather will be humid or foggy
  • is cloudy with small stars - there may be thunderstorms
  • has small stars on sunny winter days - snow is coming
  • has large flakes - it will be overcast in the summer or snowy in the winter
  • has crystals at the bottom - there will be frost
  • has threads near the top - it will be windy 

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The package contains:
One Storm Glass with wooden base. 
Size: 12x6 cm / 4.72x2.36 inches