Permanent Match
Permanent Match
Permanent Match
Permanent Match
Permanent Match

Permanent Match

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Normally, people who smoke are the ones who always carry a lighter with them but don't you that there are other reasons why you should have a lighter with you all the time?

Our Flint Match Lighter is lightweight and small that can serve the purpose of a keychain and an emergency survival lighter. You can use them during a blackout when you need to light a candle or light your way in the dark. This Flint Match Lighter is made from a metal that is why it is guaranteed safe to bring anywhere at any temperature.

A perfect survival tool for those who love to travel especially the campers. It is not a big deal carrying them as you can just simply attach them in your bag or in your pocket due to its size.

1. Unscrew rod striker and take the rod out.
2. Strike against black strip on side of the body to expose flint.
3. Keep on striking flint till it sparks.
4. Add the gas on the lighter, not too full, 2/3 is ok.
5. Rod inserts into the small hole on the top, take it out, and strike on the flint.